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Mission and Values

Exceeding your expectations.

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Mission and Values

The acronym HDA stands for “Hébert Droit des Affaires” (Hébert Business Law). Our company is a boutique business law firm founded by Jean-Michel Hébert, relying on the skills, experience, passion and enthusiasm of its people. It offers its services to business professionals, corporations and organizations, both private and public.

Each member of our team believes in a common and fundamental value which is customer interest. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by helping them build their business through planning and legal management from a global perspective.

We see relationships with our customers as a long-term commitment through which we consider ourselves as part of their team.

We believe that sharing of resources leads to greater results than individual talent, so we often use the strengths and skills of more than one of our members for each client.


HDA serves a diverse client base with a common goal to build and achieve. Professionals, entrepreneurs, owners and officers of small and medium enterprises of various business sectors regularly call on us.

We also work with accountants, financial advisors, bankers, notaries and even other lawyers, who ask for our expertise on daily basis.


Billing standards

Due to our organizational effectiveness and desired smallness, our prices are more than competitive given the quality of our expertise.

In almost all cases, we are able to provide customers with a relatively accurate estimate of the fees for the mandate required during the first meeting. If, during the execution of the mandate, we see a risk of exceeding this estimate, we promptly notify the customer with the supporting rationale, to get their approval for such an increase. At all times, we make sure to be transparent and to inform our customers about the status of their current work.